(Best) Funny Shayari in Hindi for WhatsApp and Facebook


Funny Shayari

I know how much you guys are buys. If you have time you all guys check your WhatsApp and Facebook for refreshing your mind. If you guys saw a joke or a funny photo you are tension is gone in a second. You guys always share funny Shayari on your WhatsApp group and laugh so much. Laugh is very important in everyone’s life if you are always sad you probably gonna sick and admit in the Hospital. And the solution is you need to care about your heart and the best thing is a laugh as much as you can. Below we share beautiful funny Shayari in Hindi for WhatsApp and Facebook that helps you to make laugh.

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We share festival images in the future like Diwali is coming so we share Diwali images. And then Happy Easter, Happy Christmas. Happy Holi, Happy Eid and more.

Below are beautiful Funny Shayari Images in Hindi

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